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Cameron is a northern born choreographer specialising in Musical Theatre. Currently based in London, Cameron has worked extensively both in the UK and internationally as a Choreographer and Creative Director..


His passion for choreography began to evolve whilst training in Musical Theatre at SLP College in Leeds. Whilst under the guidance of leading industry practitioners, Cameron was able to develop his creative skills when taking on the roles such as Dance Captain and Assistant Choreographer.

As a Creative Director and Choreographer, Cameron has a passion for creating and executing innovative and captivating performances that leave a lasting impression on audiences. With a background in Dance and Musical Theatre, he possesses a deep understanding of movement, rhythm, and aesthetics that allows him to develop unique and dynamic concepts that engage and inspire. Cameron's ability to lead and collaborate with diverse teams of artists and technicians ensures that every aspect of the production is executed to the highest standards. With a commitment to excellence and a creative vision that pushes boundaries, he strives to make each performance an unforgettable experience for both performers and audiences alike.

Throughout the pandemic, Cameron became the creative brain behind the online video SAVE THE ARTS 'and we will come back home'. The video became a viral sensation racking up over 5 million views across social media and was even aired on a number of television channels including the BBC and ITV London. To date, the video is one of Cameron's greatest achievements. He is extremely humbled by the response it has received and he is overjoyed to see the effect the video has had on theatre lovers all over the world who have found connection and strength through its powerful and thought provoking message.

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Cameron is a passionate, Innovative and personable creative, who excels in producing high energy, dynamic and character led work.

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